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The Center for Ultracold Atoms (CUA) brings together a community of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) and Harvard University to pursue research in the new fields that have been opened by the creation of ultracold atoms and quantum gases. 
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Wednesday, September 29, 2021, 4:00pm, Harvard, Jefferson-250

Nergis Mavalvala (MIT)

Gravitational wave detection with precision interferometry

10 min. talk: Zoe Yan


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A new look at superfluidity: results from the Ketterle group

MIT team creates a superfluid in a record-high magnetic field.

MIT physicists have created a superfluid gas, the so-called Bose-Einstein condensate, for the first time in an extremely high magnetic field. The magnetic field is a synthetic magnetic field, generated using laser beams, and is 100 times stronger than that of the world’s strongest magnets. Within this magnetic field, the researchers could keep a gas superfluid for a tenth of a second — just long enough for the team to observe it.

See all research results on the Ketterle Group webpage.


A Perfect Proposal

MIT-Harvard CUA professor, Daniel Kleppner, is featured in the January issue of Physics Today magazine as one of the authors of the feature article, "A Perfect Proposal."


Norman F. Ramsey - Two Talks

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"Great Scientists I've Met" and
"Contributions to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance"
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